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SBP V6 upgrade charge

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SBP V6 upgrade charge

Post by unbob »

This will probably be deleted but at least one person will read it - so here goes.

I purchased SBSE several years ago and then upgraded to SBP less than one year ago (12/11/2010).

I have been happy with the product and have no complaints regarding performance.

However, I'm now being ask to pay another $15 to upgrade to SBP V6. That I will not do. V5 is "good enough" for my needs.

I've paid for the product and will pay no more.

Regards, Rob
2BrightSparks Staff
2BrightSparks Staff
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Re: SBP V6 upgrade charge

Post by mike »

Hi Rob, we don't delete posts unless the material is a Spam posting or clearly abusive.

I'm pleased to hear you have found SyncBackPro valuable, and I appreciate your long time custom.

You are not required to update to SyncBackPro V6, may continue to use SyncBackPro V5 indefinitely, and are welcome to download the latest SyncBackPro V5 using the following link: ... _Setup.exe

You paid for a license of SyncBack V5 and need pay no more.

For those who do see the value of the additional 120+ new features, fixes, updates, and ongoing support of SyncBackPro V6 for their use: ... tures.html ... anges.html

They are welcome to purchase a license - I hope they'll consider the modest upgrade cost of $15 as fair and reasonable, and that in time you'll join them.

Kind Regards,

Mike de Sousa
2BrightSparks Pte Ltd

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Re: SBP V6 upgrade charge

Post by jsmply »

I have to agree with Mike. It's very common for new software versions to be released and the upgrade cost is usually higher than $ 15.00. For example, if you buy Norton Ghost 15 now, when Norton Ghost 16 comes out Norton will not give it away for free. A lot of companies will give you a discount for upgrading just like 2BrightSparks is doing, and even then its usually a more expensive than $ 15 US.

As Mike stated, you are not being forced to upgrade and 2BrightSparks has even said in a few places that they intend to continue supporting V5 for at least 6 months from the V6 release date. Seems pretty fair IMHO.
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