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What has happened to the "Success" flag?

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What has happened to the "Success" flag?

Post by drdubbelklick »

I have SyncBack SE V., and I am very satisfied with the power and ease of use of the product. I started with the free version, then decided it was time to support the company by buying the SE version. I use it for private use, having three USB disks to backup my laptop for redundancy - who wants to lose data these days?

One thing I have noticed since I upgraded from SyncBack v. 5 to v. 6 though, is that when every item in a group is backed up successfully, the entire group is NOT flagged as being backed up successfully. This was the case with the v. 5 series of the product.
My backup jobs have a few disabled jobs, with data that does not change, so I added them first, let the backup do its job, then decided after a while to disable them to cut down on backup time.

Is this is a feature that has been removed in v. 6, or is it a setting that I have missed?

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Re: What has happened to the "Success" flag?

Post by Dave Wilkins »

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