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Dave Wilkins needs an attitude adjustment or training in cs

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Dave Wilkins needs an attitude adjustment or training in cs

Post by msterling »

I downloaded SyncBack yesterday to try out and came on the boards to look for answers and tips only to come across many posts by Dave Wilkins that come off as harsh and arrogant. He needs to learn how to interface with his customers and potential customers. Using words like "uhh.." and "um.." or belittling the user's questions. Geez, I am really turned off by the support here and will probably try something else.
2BrightSparks Staff
2BrightSparks Staff
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Re: Dave Wilkins needs an attitude adjustment or training in

Post by mike »

Hi, thank you for your feedback. I'm disappointed to hear you gained a negative impression of some of our posts in the forum - that's clearly the last thing any of us intend. For every person who views an answer as impolite, they'll be another who sees that same answer as appropriate.

The forum is an open context, primarily for freeware users to discuss issues that arise out of the use of our software. It is not a support channel like the support ticketing we provide for licensees, but rather an informal context where people exchange information. The use of language is therefore less rigid.

Tone is sometimes difficult to interpret in written replies to posts. What I can say is that Dave has been an invaluable asset to 2BrightSparks and has a more than 93% positive rating from licensees of our software who benefit from his technical assistance. I wish I had the same! That's not our rating, but the results of thousands of users who have been helped over the years, and who provide feedback following the closure of an issue they raised.

I suggest you therefore revisit some of the posts you previously viewed, read them with a dispassionate eye, then make judgements about their effectiveness. Ask yourself what is being asked, and how effective the response was in addressing the issue.

There will be cultural differences between the way people respond to one another - Dave is based in the UK as am I. Some use smilies, others irony, and yet others take a direct approach. At times language might not hit the mark because of our differences, but our willingness to run an open forum where we don't remove negative feedback demonstrates our respect of a wide range of views.

We'll continue to try our best in providing not only great software, but also support resources like our extensive help files, the forum, our KnowledgeBase, and support ticketing for licensees.

Kind Regards,

Mike de Sousa
2BrightSparks Pte Ltd

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John Gray
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Re: Dave Wilkins needs an attitude adjustment or training in

Post by John Gray »

Good grief, what do people want from support staff? Obsequiousness?

I frequently recommend the SyncBack staff members who answer questions in these forums as shining examples of helpful and rapid customer service, right up there at the top of the league.

I am presently trying to drag some response out of the Forum staff of a different well-known disk synchronisation program firm (which shall be nameless), who have not replied to a Support Ticket after five days (so far), many/most of whose forum thread questions have received no answer at all, and who don't even bother to delete spam threads and posts from their forum. If it wasn't for the fact that their software is quite good, I would have left them.

Dave - keep answering posts the way you do!

PS No, I am not Dave Wilkins' long-lost brother, simply a satisfied customer...
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Re: Dave Wilkins needs an attitude adjustment or training in

Post by fredradford »

Dave Wilkins wrote:No. Sorry, I was trying to help. Rest assured I won't make the same mistake again.
Even with a smiley face, that statement will NOT increase sales.
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