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Feature request - Copy hard links as-is

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Feature request - Copy hard links as-is

Post by gdeane »

I'm using SynBackSE on Windows 7 Home (64 bit).

I've had it confirmed that SynBackSE doesn't support copying hard links as hard links and that it is unlikely to do so in the near future.

So I figured I'd post here to make an 'official' request for that feature to be supported and also so that other users are at least aware of this limitation.

On my OS, the system uses a total of 8.8GB of hard linked files. Of that, only 4.3GB is data. Therefore, if the OS is copied by SyncbackSE to a fresh destination, an additional 4.5GB is copied as file data rather than as hard links. Not only wasteful of the time spent copying but also of disk space. It also means that the destination is not really a "true" copy of the source.

But a great product otherwise.
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Re: Feature request - Copy hard links as-is

Post by vannus »


Directory symlinks are very handy for relocating MySQL\Data & Apache\htdocs directories or subdirectories.

Means I will have to manually recreate all my directory symlinks if I ever need to restore. I have around 286 of them.

- V
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