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Suggestion: Copy a list of files contained inside a txt file

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Suggestion: Copy a list of files contained inside a txt file

Post by hectors »


I would love if Syncback could copy a list of files contained inside a txt file (into another folder).

Filelist.txt contents:

Thanks in advance ;)
Dave Wilkins
2BrightSparks Staff
2BrightSparks Staff
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Re: Suggestion: Copy a list of files contained inside a txt

Post by Dave Wilkins »

Sorry, but it doesn't really fit with the internal design.

Note: we don't have a current product called SyncBack now (though people sometimes use it as shorthand). Usually context tells you which version is meant (generally the context comes from the forum section). The problem comes when you post in a section that is not version-specific, and if you do, people don't know which product version (name) you mean and the section name doesn't tell them big deal at the moment, but maybe bear it in mind ;)

Bear in mind also that this forum section is for ideas for new products, not feature requests for existing products. Again, it helps if you post in the specific forum for the product you're using.
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