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Upgraded Windows and lost Syncback

An area of the forum to post ideas for new products or discuss things that are not related to 2BrightSparks products
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Upgraded Windows and lost Syncback

Post by tom850i »

I bought Syncback a few years ago and cannot find the disk. Is there a way to re download my version so I can reinstall?
Dave Wilkins
2BrightSparks Staff
2BrightSparks Staff
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Re: Upgraded Windows and lost Syncback

Post by Dave Wilkins »


Generally, this does not qualify for posting in "An area of the forum to post ideas for new products or discuss things that are not related to 2BrightSparks products" (which is what it says 'above the door'). But, we appreciate you may not know which version you used to have, so cannot post in the relevant forum area. Problem is, we don't know which version you used to have either (unless you tell us) ;)

If it was freeware, and likely installed before mid-Nov 2012, then that version ('V3 freeware') is no longer available, no (the forum area previously dedicated to it says so). A replacement SyncBackFree V6 is available instead (ditto re the forum area dedicated to that version, including various introductory 'sticky' posts)

If it was likely a commercial version (you paid for it / have a license), then we'd need to assess which version (V-number) and 'model' (SE or Pro) were involved (that you had a license for), and we can't start passing license details around on a public forum. If you have a license, please pass over the details via our Contact Form, quoting this forum post

Note that there's no trace of any license for a commercial version under the email address you used when creating this forum account, so you may need to give details of alternate email, postal address, full name, etc. Do not pass credit card details to us at any time by any method. The most useful references is the order number (beginning 'ST...') if you have that, but in that case you'd likely also know the version number, etc
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