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Back up to Several Drives

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Back up to Several Drives

Post by KnightmareJay »

Hey guys im just curious if there is a way to do this. I currently back everything up to my external drive, but i also want to back up pictures and movies to my home server. I know i could probably just copy the files i wanted to my server, but im lazy and want it done automatically haha. The problem is that i already have my movies and pictures backing up to my external. So is there a way to have it go to both, or just make a new profile of it also going from my pc to my server?

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Re: Back up to Several Drives

Post by Swapna »


Please note that you have posted your question in a wrong section. This is Help files, documentation, translations section. You should post your questions in the appropriate SyncBack product model that you are using. Can you please provide your full SyncBack product name and version, so that we can move this thread to the appropriate section?

However, to answer your question – Please note that a profile in SyncBack can point to only one Source and one Destination location. So, you may have to create a new profile to backup files from your Source drive to your home server.

Thank you.
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