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First Backup - "Failure"

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First Backup - "Failure"

Post by Dianne »

I installed and ran my first backup from my Laptop to my External Drive. After it completed it said I had 307 Critical Errors. So I go to "View Log" and click on the 307 Errors link. There is absolutely no explanation as to why there was a I have no idea what this means. Did it complete the backup without the files that are listed? The entire backup is listed as "Failure". Most of the files are "ProgramData\Microsoft\Crypto\RSA\MachineKeys" . I have no idea if these are critical files, if I am supposed to delete them, if they are infected (I did run a full malware and antivirus scan prior to the backup and it ran clean).
Totally in the dark. Not much use to an error log that does not explain the error. Am I missing something?
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Re: First Backup - "Failure"

Post by cliffhanger »

It's a Failure because there were Errors...

Re-visit the Errors page in the log and check the right-hand column of each entry, which states the direction it tried to copy that file from (etc) and the available error messages. (Some of these messages are from Windows, and do not have much detail)

Given the example files you quoted, it is virtually certain that the errors for those files was the Windows error 'Access Denied', because...

...those files you quoted are part of the MS Cryptography sub-system, and access to them is restricted (IIRC) to the SYSTEM account (MS does not want you in there, on general security principles). The fact your profile is trying to copy them suggests you may be trying to back up your entire system, which is not what SyncBack is designed to do (not even the Pro version, much less the freeware version).
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