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Program Before not being executed

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Program Before not being executed

Post by peterhammer »

Hi Forum,

I´m using SyncBackFree and everything is working fine. The best backup tool I´ve tried so far.

But I wanted to execute a program before the backup runs and find out it is not working.

The program is a BAT file that echoes time to a TXT file. I'm doing this as a test. But with no luck.

If I double click the BAT or call it from CMD it works just fine.

Is there anything else that should be done for this to work?

Is there a log I can see errors like this?

And if anyone has suggestions regarding this matter, they are more than welcome.


SyncBackFree v7.6.14.0
Windows 8.1 64bits
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Re: Program Before not being executed

Post by cliffhanger »

How are you running the profile when you test it? Manually, or on a Schedule, or something else? Running 'for real' or Simulating?

Does the Test button on the Programs - Before page work? (It's not clear yet which stage "is not working")

Are you able to paste the command you have entered in Programs-Before here? (Better still, attach a screenshot of that settings page instead, so people can see the other settings, too).

Please also paste in the text of the batch file (don't try to attach the BAT!). Yes, I get it that the batch file works manually, but there are reasons why I ask.

BTW, a test here with Free works fine for me with both a VBS and a BAT, so seems no inherent bug.
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