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Is Synbackfree really copying everything at once?

SyncBackFree is the freeware version of SyncBack. It is *not* an evaluation version of SyncBackPro/SE.
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Is Synbackfree really copying everything at once?

Post by DescoB »

tried Syncbackfree.
Made a group profile from several profiles.
If you run it all profiles are started simultaneously.
My backup drive is rattling like I don't know what.
If I pause all but one profile, 'rattling' returns to normal.
I now pause and restart the profiles manually.

Am I right that a group profile in synbackfree starts all profiles at once?
Do you know that:
- this wears out my back up drive (head moving all over the place). A backup drive you know like in vital for my information.
- this slows the back up down.

I looked up if maybe this was due to the free version. It is not listed as a feature in the paying versions so I guess all versions have this.
I'm wondering if 2brightsparks know what it is doing with such obvious mistakes like these?
I mean i'm looking for good backup software. Having reliable hardware and software is paramount. Can /should I trust a software manufacturer that wears out my hardware?
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Re: Is Synbackfree really copying everything at once?

Post by cliffhanger »

Right-click your Group -> Modify -> uncheck the 'parallel' setting checkbox at the top

Note that this setting is not recommended, as mentioned in the comprehensive Help page (press F1 with the group's Main settings page selected, then scroll down). As stated, 'parallel' is not the factory default, which is to run profiles sequentially.
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