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Error (5); log lists Recovery folder that doesn't exist

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Error (5); log lists Recovery folder that doesn't exist

Post by silt »

Hi. I've been using SyncBackFree for years to keep my storage drives in sync, and today I ran into an error that I can't figure out. The error is "Scan failed (5): Access is denied", but in the log it seems to be listing a folder that doesn't exist on the drive. I'm using Windows 10 64-bit, and my storage drives are E: and F:. The error log looks like this:

Left F:
Right E:

3:44:06 PM E:\Recovery\ Scan failed (5): Access is denied

But there is no "Recovery" folder on the E drive. Note, I do in fact have "Hidden items" checked in the View options. If I scan each folder on the drives separately, there are no differences, so I believe my files are in sync. But I can't figure out if SyncBackFree is reporting a folder that doesn't exist, or if the folder actually does exist but for some reason I can't see it.

Any help or suggestions you may have will be appreciated. Thanks.
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Re: Error (5); log lists Recovery folder that doesn't exist

Post by cliffhanger »

G I Y F ... den-folder

Suggest read all of it. Note the post near the end, re '7Zip sees all' - so does SyncBack...
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