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Network does not attempt reconnect, gives invalid path error

SyncBackFree is the freeware version of SyncBack. It is *not* an evaluation version of SyncBackPro/SE.
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Network does not attempt reconnect, gives invalid path error

Post by OceanBagel »


I'm running a backup profile from my local hard drive to a network location over a VPN connection. The problem is that this VPN connection occasionally drops connectivity. When the network drops, I'd expect the profile to use up all its reconnect attempts before skipping files, but it only goes through a single reconnect attempt. I have the MaxNetowrkRecons variable currently set to 99999, but it only goes through attempt 1 of 99999 before failing. In the log, every skipped file shows "The specified path is invalid" as the reason for failure. Is there a way to force the profile to keep trying to reconnect, rather than skip these files?

I'm using SyncBackFree v7.6.28.0 on a Windows 10 64-bit machine.
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Re: Network does not attempt reconnect, gives invalid path error

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SyncBackFree didn’t attempt to reconnect as the connection to your network (Network Access Server) was still ‘up’ and connected. It’s only the VPN connection was lost when it dropped intermittently. SyncBack itself isn’t aware you are connected to the remote-side via VPN, and thus will not be able to tell if your VPN connection is lost. As far as SyncBack is concerned, it’s only aware that the main network connection is still ‘up’, and therefore, no reconnection attempts was made.

Although the main network connection is still connected, SyncBack couldn’t communicate with your remote side to read/copy data (as the VPN connection was dropped), thus it failed with the error “The specified path is invalid”.

Sorry, there is not much we can do from SyncBack to resolve this issue. However, you could check if it is possible to try reconnecting using your VPN software when the VPN connection was dropped. Or you can try waiting until off-peak hours when the VPN software is better able to maintain a stable connection.

Thank you.
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