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Error in back-up profile caused the source file to be deleted

SyncBackFree is the freeware version of SyncBack. It is *not* an evaluation version of SyncBackPro/SE.
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Error in back-up profile caused the source file to be deleted

Post by haagse_beunhaas »

Hey all,

This is my first post here and I want to start off with saying thanks for this great product. It's super solid and I like it a lot.

However, I've ran into a problem:

I'm using SyncBackFree to back-up a database of a CNC-machine. The machine is running with a windows operating system and logs all of its important actions in a local database-file. This means adding a line of data in a .mdb file every +/- 30 seconds.

Since the PC of the CNC-machine is connected to the network, I copy this .mdb file with SyncBackFree every 30 minutes. This worked perfectly for a couple of days till all of a sudden the CNC-machine warned that the .mdb file for logging its data was not be found. I checked the source folder and indeed the file was nowhere to be found.

Now the only thing I can think of is that maybe during the copy the machine was just about to write a line of data aswell causing it to error and delete the .mdb file. The strange thing about this is that I didn't get any error warning from SyncBackFree about the file being occupied. So, I didn't receive any warning and the source file just disappeared. Since it is important data this worries me a lot.

Now I've read about the Volume Shadow Copy (VSS) option. However, I don't know if this will solve this matter for sure, because SyncBackFree didn't warn me about the source file being occupied. Is the SyncBack Pro version always performing its copies with snapshots without locking the file whatsoever? I need an option that just makes a snapshot of this .mdb file without touching it in any way. Paying for a better version is not a problem. I just want this issue to be solved without worrying about losing my database file.

Hope you can help me out with good advice! Thank a lot!!

Greetings, John.
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Re: Error in back-up profile caused the source file to be deleted

Post by Swapna »


SyncBackPro/SE can copy open/locked files, but it requires the Windows' Volume Shadow-Copy Service (VSS) to be working on your PC, and that the pre-requisites for using VSS are met: ... backse-pro

As we leverage on VSS to copy open/locked files, it would require SyncBackPro/SE to be installed on the same PC system that the open/locked files are stored (one of VSS's requirements). In other words, it can't backup open/locked files from a remote network drive.

SyncBackPro/SE can be optionally configured to copy all the files from the shadow volume under:

Modify Profile > Expert > Copy/Delete > Advanced > Copy all files in [source/destination] from the shadow volume (snapshot).

Please read the help file for more details about this option. With Copy/Delete > Advanced settings page opened, press F1 to open the contextual help for more details.

If you want you can evaluate SyncBackSE/Pro, which we offer a free 30-day evaluation. You can download and install latest version from here:

If you do decide to purchase, the serial number will convert the 'trial' to the 'registered' version. If you experience any issues or have further questions with SE/Pro, then please contact us directly through our support ticketing channel by sending an email to [email protected].

Thank you.
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