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Moving from SMB to FTP?

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Moving from SMB to FTP?

Post by nereus »


To offer added protection from ransomware, I modified my home setup, from backing up to a second drive in my home computers to a "NAS", really a Linux computer running Samba and scheduled to wake up every day a few minutes before Syncback runs, and go back to sleep an hour later.

For a bit more protection, I let Syncback use SMB hostnames (eg. \\linux) instead of mapping drive letters (eg. z:\), assuming (correctly?) that most viruses don't bother going through the list of network hosts in Network Neighborhood.

Apart from the fact that a long backup job could take more than the 1+hour the NAS is alive, it works fine, but since the connection relies on SMB/CIFS, there's still a window of opportunity for a virus to hit the NAS and delete/encrypt files, so I'm thinking of changing the project from SMB to FTP.

Before I go ahead, I'd like to check that I shouldn't expect issues with backing up to an FTP server, such as with timestamps*, performance, etc.

If FTP isn't a good solution, I'll investigate other solutions like Rsync, etc.

Thank you.

* which could prevent Syncback from checking if the remote file is older/younger than the local file
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Re: Moving from SMB to FTP?

Post by Swapna »


Please read these articles which provides guidelines to protect your important data from ransomware or cryptolocker: ... mware.html ... mware.html

In addition, please note that some FTP servers are usually very basic and/or buggy and may have problems trying to correctly handle Last Modified date/time file stamping which our programs use as one of the methods to compare files. Read this link for more info: ... -are-wrong

So, I would suggest you perform complete evaluation tests with SyncBack and your FTP server to see if it is suitable for your requirement.

Thank you.
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