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Reverse a backup.

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Reverse a backup.

Post by fanzypantz »

How can I delete all the files that got put into the backup folder after it has been run? Simulating the restore seem to try to copy files from destination that is not in source, which makes sense. But it's not what I need to do right now.

I did the genius thing of enabling compression, which in turns did not do what I thought would happen. I already had partial manual backups in the destination folder, plus files not currently present in source. This led to the files that were both in source and destination to have both a zipped file and the original file present. And the destination only files were obviusly not compressed. I thought the files already there would be overwritten and turned into zip files.

The question I have is: how can I delete the new zip files easily, as they seem to have copied the metadata(ie: date modified/created etc)? Because currently the backup is pretty much twice the size that it should be.
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Re: Reverse a backup.

Post by cliffhanger »

fanzypantz wrote:How can I delete all the files that got put into the backup folder after it has been run?
Manually? If none of the contents of the Destination (before the run) were Zipped, you should be able to view the Destination in Explorer, sort by Type column, and this will group all the Zips together, so you can select them as a block and delete them
fanzypantz wrote:I thought the files already there would be overwritten and turned into zip files.
No. It may help you to visualize what happens if you know that SB does not copy the files first, then compress them in the Destination (this wouldn't be possible if your Destination was an FTP server, for example). SB compresses a temp copy of each Source file (sometimes in RAM, sometimes in a buffer area) on the PC running SB, then copies the compressed result to your Destination.

How to achieve a backup in one place, of all files, compressed? One way is as follows - assume for easy reference/shorthand that X = your current Source, Y = your current Destination and Z = a temp folder in a handy location. Once you get rid of the results of the original profile run (the Zips discussed above) from Y, then
  1. make & use a temp compression profile set to compress all pre-existing 'raw' files in Y to Z
  2. having checked step-a worked OK, delete all the uncompressed files in Y (I assume this is all of them, so Y becomes empty)
  3. make & use a temp non-compression profile to copy all compressed files just created in Z back to Y (or, do it manually using Explorer)
  4. use your original compression profile to compress all 'raw' files in X and copy them to Y
  5. (optionally, delete files in Z now you have copies of them in Y; you can also delete your temp profiles if you wish)
Note: while you still have the situation that there are [zipped copies of] files in Y that are not present [as raw files] in X, you should take care not to set any X>Y profile as a Mirror, or it will delete the 'orphans' in Y because 'not present in X'
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