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Network failure for scheduled job

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Network failure for scheduled job

Post by WCO »

I'm running SyncBackFree on a Win 7 64bit pc. I have 2 jobs running as a group that syncs 2 directories over a VPN. If I run them manually, it syncs fine, but when I schedule them to run, they come up with a "Network Failure" error. I tried searching for network failure scheduled, but the search engine doesn't like it. Any ideas?
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Re: Network failure for scheduled job

Post by Swapna »


If the problem occurs only during schedule runs then please try these to see if it helps:

1. Un-tick the option "Do not store password....." under:

Modify > When > Edit Schedule > Security tab

2. If you are using UNC paths to connect to your network drive, and if your network drive requires username and password credentials to connect to it, then try entering those credentials under:

Modify > Expert > Network settings page

and enable the option "Use the supplied username and password before trying my current username and password" under:

Modify > Expert > Network > Advanced settings page.

Please read the footnotes provided in the Help > Expert > Network settings page to understand and try the different ways of entering the username credential in the username field and use the "Test Connection" button available in the Network settings page to ensure the connection works as expected, before running the profile.    

Thank you.
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