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Error when trying to Backup From Windows 10 to Centos 6

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Error when trying to Backup From Windows 10 to Centos 6

Post by xq1xq1xq1 »

I am running Windows 10 and trying to backup files to a Centos 6 system over samba.

It appears that I am getting a slew of errors for files that are on the Destination Centos 6 Backup share but not on the Windows Source:
Failed to copy from Source : Windows error 5: Access is denied
This is the description of my profile:
Files will be copied from Source (C:\Users\user\) to Destination (\\X.X.X.X\Backup\User Backup\user\).
If the same file has been changed on both Source and Destination then the file on Source will replace the file on Destination.
Files only on Source are copied to Destination.
If a file is only on Destination then it is ignored.
If an empty directory is only on Source then the decision is automated.
If an empty directory is only on Destination then the decision is automated.
The following files/folders will be ignored: *.iso,*\APPDATA\*,"*\Google Drive\*",*\ntuser.dat,*\ntuser.dat*.*,*\ntuser.dat.log*,*\OneDrive\*
Only the following files/folders will be included: *\,*\*
The profile is stored in C:\Users\user\appdata\....
I have full access from my Windows 10 Computer to the CentOS Share - I can add/delete/create/modify both files and folders. And I of course have full access to my files and folders on my windows account.

This has been going on for some time and I am at a loss and will be looking for another solution if I can't get this figured out very soon although I have used it almost since its inception and love the product.

Any suggestions most welcomed!
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