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Pointless, annoying confirmation dialog should not appear

SyncBackFree is the freeware version of SyncBack. It is *not* an evaluation version of SyncBackPro/SE.
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Pointless, annoying confirmation dialog should not appear

Post by Deeday-UK »

A typical workflow:
  1. Select a task in the main SyncBackFree window
  2. Click on Modify
  3. Click on button 'Choose sub-directories and files' - the 'File & Folder Selection' window appears
  4. Check that everything is in order; it is - no changes are required
  5. Click on Cancel to dismiss the window
Expected behaviour: the 'File & Folder Selection' window closes.
Actual behaviour: a modal 'Confirm' window appears, asking if I really want to continue.

That is rather annoying: there's no point in asking for confirmation to proceed when no changes have been done, since there is no risk of loss of information by continuing. When you have to do that for a few dozens tasks, it's quite a lot of pointless clicks to go through... :|

Please can you put a condition on the Confirm window to only appear if the selection of folders and files has changed? [-o<

Thank you! =D>
2BrightSparks Staff
2BrightSparks Staff
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Re: Pointless, annoying confirmation dialog should not appear

Post by Kostas »


We'll have a look at it but we can't promise a fix date. Any fix will be mentioned in the app's changes history on our website.

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