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GoogleDrive option not available?

SyncBackFree is the freeware version of SyncBack. It is *not* an evaluation version of SyncBackPro/SE.
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GoogleDrive option not available?

Post by Anouk »

Hi there. New to the forum but been using SyncBack Free for some time.

Until now I've backed up all my music files to an external hard drive. But I also now want to have an additional back-up to my cloud-based GoogleDrive.

But looking at the instructions, I do not get all the extra options under the Destinations dropdown menu that are shown on the support page. It shows that other than the standard 'internal/external drive, network path, etc' option, and the 'FTP' option, there should also be a bunch of other choices (Amazon, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive). But I don't get these extra options.

From scanning the various help files, it doesn't seem that these options are not available on the free version, so I'm confused.

Could anyone please suggest why I'm not getting these options?

Thanks :)
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Re: GoogleDrive option not available?

Post by cliffhanger »

HI, because no Cloud functionality is supported in SyncBack Free (nor in the Lite or SE versions). Other functionality (apart from Cloud) may or may not be supported in certain versions - there are definitions which functionality is supported in a particular version in the Help - in the case of SyncBackFree's Help, at the beginning of the Help file ('Welcome to SyncBackFree' > 'SyncBackPro/SE/Lite/Free' pages immediately below that Welcome page). There are also web pages on the main 2BS site with simple & more-comprehensive information ... imple.html
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