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mirror question

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mirror question

Post by soupy »

To whom it may concern,

When mirroring a drive what happens to the 2nd drive if the main mirror drive fails? Since it is mirroring would you not lose all data?

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Re: mirror question

Post by cliffhanger »

It depends when (at which point during the profile run) the Source disk begins to output erroneous information (or, fails to output any information at all). For example, it is possible the profile will detect that the Source disk is faulty and simply stop the run, citing the disk error. But if the drive masquerades as a working drive (but 'empty'), then the settings on this page

Modify profile > Expert mode > Copy/Delete > Warning

should trigger an unattended profile to stop before any of the proposed operations are performed, listing the reason in the log. Or, if you are running the profile in Attended mode (but the masses of intended Deletes listed in the Differences window have not alerted you already) the profile will warn you and ask for your decision whether to continue or abort.

Press F1 with Warning settings page open for more background. You can obviously adjust the percentages at which these traps will trigger.
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