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Profile copies all files to backup drive - why?

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Profile copies all files to backup drive - why?

Post by aferris2 »

I have a drive connected to the USB port of my router which I use to backup documents on my PC. This appears as \\NAS in explorer.
There are 2 profiles which I use to make backups onto this drive:
1. C_Documents - this profile backs up the documents in C:\Users\myname\Documents to \\NAS\myname\C_Documents
2. D_Documents - this profile backs up the documents in D:\Users\myname\Documents to \\NAS\myname\D_Documents

Both profiles are set to only copy files that have been modified (essentially the default backup action when creating a profile). C_Documents works as expected. Only files that are modifed are copied and the date-stamps of the files on \\NAS are the same as the source. D_Documents always copies all files. The date-stamps on \\NAS are always set to the date and time that the backup was run.

As far as I can see, both profiles are identical apart from the source and destination folders. I have even tried making a copy of the C_Documents profile and changing the folders to see if I can get it to only copy the modified files but this doesn't seem to work.

What could I be doing wrong with the D_Documents profile?

I'm running Win7 Pro and SyncbackFree version Router is an Archer VR900 (just in case this is important)
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