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... is it possible ?

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... is it possible ?

Post by koloth »

I use syncback for a long time, syncing folders on different storages and was always happy.
Now I have a Problem syncing two Windows Clients and I dont know if it is possible to sync with syncback Software?

1st PC is the new media Center connected to TV. I have on the local storage Family Fotos, mp3 and Videos in a large folderstructure.
2nd PC is my working Client, where I have the same folderstructure with files.
Syncing is not a Problem, BUT …

If I have new Fotos and put them in structure on PC2.
On PC1 my wife deleted some Fotos that she doesnt want. Sometimes the Folder leaves empty, sometimes only 1foto is deleted and others already in.

If the Folder is empty, the timestamp is new(er) as on PC2.

How can I sync it?
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