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Strange Behaviour

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Strange Behaviour

Post by IdeasVacuum »

Hi Guys

Just upgraded from v8.xx to v9.0.1.1

If one selects a few profiles (rows) to run (unattended) via CTRL C, all hell lets loose! They never stop running, briefly the result is shown as success, but then each begin running again :? If one picks two sets of profiles, with one profile in between the sets not picked, you also see a lot of row position changing.

All-in-all, the interface is not as good as v8 - the progress pop-out especially real estate hungry - I much prefer a simple progress bar.

The funny thing is, back in the day I had a paid license for the pro version but at the time it had faults that could be dangerous whereas the free version was simple and reliable - so I reverted to the free version.

Some software houses have a 'museum' page were you can download earlier versions of their programs. Would be great to have that.
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2BrightSparks Staff
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Re: Strange Behaviour

Post by mickyj »

Hi, Ctrl-C copies profiles, it doesn't run them. BTW, we've just release a new version with many UI changes.
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