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Backup destination becomes full but file sizes don't add up

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Backup destination becomes full but file sizes don't add up

Post by Graham3196 »

I am using Windows 7 , about to upgrade to 10
I have run synchbackfree several times with good result. I tried a run with hashing and the slow m=ethod just to see if it made a difference. I was worried that some changes to properties might not be in the backup file.
This took a long time but eventually worked OK
After a couple of runs I suddenly got Disk full" errors.
I looked at the disk and added up the amount on each file to get to about 700GB The disk is 1.5TB A back up file is about 400GB.
In the properties of the disc it shows the whole disk is used but I dont know what its full of? Is this a known problem with synchbackfree or should I be looking for some other problem. I can't delete the extra apparently used part of the disk space because it doesn't have a filename associated with it.
I expect I could reformat the drive but then I lose anything else that is on the drive. In this case if I have to reformat it wouldn't matter much because everything there is archived BUT I dont want to have to reformat it and lose data frequently
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