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Problems with SyncBackFree V9.2.30.0

SyncBackFree is the freeware version of SyncBack. It is *not* an evaluation version of SyncBackPro/SE.
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Josh In Southern USA
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Problems with SyncBackFree V9.2.30.0

Post by Josh In Southern USA »

I recently updated to V9.2.30.0 and I'm experiencing some strange problems when creating new profiles. My old profiles work great but it's not possible to create a new profile like the old ones.

Computer OS and hardware info.
  • Windows 10 home version 1930 with all current updates.
  • Dell Inspiron 3670 that is a bit over a year old.
  • Intel I5-8400 cpu. 6 Cores 6 Threads.
  • 8 GB Ram
  • 1TB hard drive
FYI, here are the drives on the system
  • Drive C is the boot partition on the internal 1TB hard drive. Partition size is 275 GB.
  • Drive D is a 4 TB USB HDD.
  • Drive H is on the internal 1 TB hard drive. Partition size is 641 GB. I shrank the C partition and created the H partition with a larger cluster size which reduces fragmentation and shrinks some system files like MFT.
  • Drive M is a 6 TB USB HDD.
  • Drive Q is a 8 TB USB HDD. It is a backup drive. Most of Drives H, D, and M are mirrored there using SyncBackFree. Selected configuration and data files on drive C are mirrored there.
Now for the new problems
  • When creating a new profile, I can name the profile and tell it what kind of profile. I use a mirrored profile but I also tested the other 2 types and I get the problem on backup or synchronize profiles.When I get to the 3rd screen where I am supposed to select the "Internal/External drive, network path, etc.", the dropdown box has 2 entries, "Internal/External drive, network path, etc." and "FTP". It doesn't allow me to select anything else and the "NEXT" button remains grayed out. All I can do is click "DONE" and select the source/destination in the main profile setup window.
  • The old profiles copy from/to sub-directories of various drives. Even though I set the Source and Destination to sub-directories (some times 3 to 5 levels deep), such as mirroring from "H:\Unchanging\MiscBackups\Users\" to "Q:\IMSAI\DriveH\Unchanging\MiscBackups\Users\", when I got to the "Choose sub-directories and files" screen, it might work or it might also include some things that are on the drive but not in the source directory. Sometimes it even wants to copy from/to the drive root directory which really is a big problem.
  • None of the "Don't show this again" check boxes on messages actually prevent the message from being shown again. I know that when you mirror files, while running the profile the check box on the message that warns you that the profile can delete files from the destination, hasn't work in previous versions either.
That's all the problems I can remember at the moment. I currently have a serious sleep deficit and my memory is not so great. I'm in my 60s and currently suffering from a flareup of Acute Congestive Heart Failure so I have little energy and need a lot of sleep until the meds fix it. I hope these problems get fixed in SyncBackFree get fixed. I might even upgrade to a paid version (SyncBackSE) when I'm sure that SyncBackFree is fixed and stable.
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