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Can SB pause a profile from itself ?

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Can SB pause a profile from itself ?

Post by Merel »

Question A (PAUSING without user request)
If a profile executes a profile taking a long time, maybe you want to take a pause for yourself. But several things may happen during your absence.
Windows operating system might think it should do something on its own (e.g. power management). Assuming that you only leave your computer for an hour or so, would it be normal that waking up the system by moving the mouse, you see that the current session (backup/mirror) has been PAUSED ?

Question B (PAUSING on request)
If a profile is running (backup/mirror) you might want to pause it and power down the system in order to proceed further at next Windows session.
I don't know if that's possible. My fear is that what has been already copied to destination will be erased. (aborting!)
Maybe this can be done ? If so, how to do that?

Question C (Associated to B)
Is there an option to let SB (freeware or other version) power down the system after completion of a running profile ?

Thank you for any help.
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