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lof mailing fails

SyncBackFree is the freeware version of SyncBack. It is *not* an evaluation version of SyncBackPro/SE.
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lof mailing fails

Post by LtBr »


Until last year I could have the syncback log files sent to my gmail address. from then I worked without those mails, but I don't like driving blind.
I found a post on this forum that stated that that SyncBack was only waiting for Google to approve the app's safety.

So now I re-established the mail function with gmail, without success.
I tried an address from my own domain: no successs.
I tried an address from my Internet Access privider: no success either
There is a typical error message:

Error with connecting server; current server: smtp.abcd.ef ; connect failed, error: 0x0000274d

What could still be wrong?

(b.t.w.: the message appears thice. Why?)

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Re: lof mailing fails

Post by mmullins_98 »

I don't know about "SyncBack was only waiting for Google to approve the app's safety".

However in an article that provides information about the error message given when trying to send email from SyncBack;

"0x0000274d - This is a "Connection refused" error message (WSACONNREFUSED). This means the hostname or IP address is valid but the server is not allowing the connection or the server cannot be contacted. The possible reasons are: the server is down/offline, the port number is incorrect (the server is not listening on that port), or a firewall is blocking the connection. For SMTP the port number should be 25 or 465 if using secure SMTP."

Maybe this will help or not.
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