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Changing Options want's Windows Password: I don't use a password?

SyncBackFree is the freeware version of SyncBack. It is *not* an evaluation version of SyncBackPro/SE.
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Changing Options want's Windows Password: I don't use a password?

Post by jackdashack »

I have a Windows 10 PC

When I tried often to create a new profile it would at the last moment throw up a "we need your windows password" . . . "if you don't have a password simply press OK." I like that word "Simply" Not all that simple. I press OK and it keeps going back to wanting a password.

In creating a new profile I've found a way around it. But that doesn't work here. I own the pc. I only have an administrator User Account. Still, wonderful Windows wants to argue with me when I try to change permissions, etc.

Any clue there for me? Oh, I have tried 2 of my main passwords for MS accounts and Google accounts.

Thanks! jack ":-Dx ](*,) :violent1:
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Re: Changing Options want's Windows Password: I don't use a password?

Post by mmullins_98 »

This may help:
"SyncBackFree does not run elevated (unlike SyncBackPro and SyncBackSE). This means when you are asked if you want the blank password restriction removed it will run a special program elevated to remove the restriction. You must be an administrator, or have the administrator password, to remove it on Windows Vista and newer. An alternative is to do the following:

Login to Windows as an Administrator
Run SyncBackFree elevated. To do this right-click on SyncBackFree in the Windows Start menu (or on any SyncBackFree shortcut) and select Run as administrator from the pop-up menu. Alternatively, run Windows Explorer and navigate to the C:\Program Files\2BrightSparks\SyncBackFree folder*, right-click on SyncBackFree application (SyncBackFree.exe, if extensions are shown), and select Run as administrator from the pop-up menu.
If you are then asked to confirm running the program click Yes
Select your profile and click the Schedule button
You are now asked if you want to remove the blank password restriction. Click Yes. If you are not asked then it is either because the blank password restriction has already been removed or you have configured SyncBackFree not to remove the restriction. To make sure you are prompted select burger menu > Global Settings > Easy tab and make sure 'Prompt me to remove the blank password restriction on the Windows Scheduler' option is ticked/checked (For SyncBack V8 (or older versions) the option is in Preferences > Options from the main menu).
You may then be asked for your password. If you have no password, simply click OK. Do not click Cancel

* by default, for 32-bit versions of Windows: in 64-bit versions of Windows, this path will by default be C:\Program Files (x86)\2BrightSparks\SyncBackFree"
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Re: Changing Options want's Windows Password: I don't use a password?

Post by softtouch »

I am having the same issue. Windows 11 and SyncBackFree 32 bit.
Even I start it as Admin, it keeps on asking about the Windows Login Password...
I cant use it now anymore.
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