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Synback Free Behaviour Question - Missed Scheduled Backups

SyncBackFree is the freeware version of SyncBack. It is *not* an evaluation version of SyncBackPro/SE.
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Synback Free Behaviour Question - Missed Scheduled Backups

Post by LordEdwin »


I'm new here so apologies if this has been detailed previously. I have a few quick questions as I try to set up a cloud file system.

1. What happens with a backup profile scheduled daily if the scheduled start time is missed (typically because the computer was not turned on yet)? Will the profile be queued to run at the next available moment, presumably on next startup (yes, the program IS set to start with Windows), or will it just be pushed to the next scheduled run time, the following day?

2. If the answer is that it will run at the next available moment, and I have two profiles A and B which regularly have start times at 9am and 10am respectively because I want A to have priority, what will happen when the 'next available moment' arrives? Will A be run in priority over B?

3. #2 aside, is there a simple way to always ensure that A is run immediately before B other than just setting a scheduled time?

Thanks for any expertise everyone may have.
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Re: Synback Free Behaviour Question - Missed Scheduled Backups

Post by mmullins_98 »

1. The schedule is via Windows Task Scheduler not Syncback. If you select "Run task as soon as possible after a scheduled start is missed" under the Settings tab in Windows Scheduler then it should run.

2. Windows Task Scheduler may not reliably start your tasks in the order you desire. See answer to your #3 question.

3. To insure your profiles run in order you can create a Group and in that group make sure "Run profiles in parallel (at the same time)" is NOT checked. Then the order you have them in the group will be executed.
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