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folders "found.00x" on rarget side

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folders "found.00x" on rarget side

Post by LtBr »

Lately Syncback reports an error, that has to do with two folders that are present on the target side only of a backed up USB External HD .

Folder "found.000" contails a file "file000 001.ckf with unknown content. Looking with Notepad++ shows some readable at the end, that raises the thought that it has to do with Excel:
[Content types].xml - workbook.xml - worksheels/_rels/Sheet2.xml
to name a few.

"Found.001"contains a spreadsheet 0000000abcV2.xlsx, dated december 2020
The name abc is recognized as file that more than once has been causing problems when I had opened it when attached to a second computer. I saved it in januari, and a few days later I saved it with a higher version number. I remember I saw that V2 had flaws, which I repaired

I removed the two folders "foundooox" in the targert, but they were recreated with the next back-up. Hidden files are visible, but I see none on the source side.

What can I do to stop this?

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Re: folders "found.00x" on rarget side

Post by mmullins_98 »

"Some users might spot a mysterious FOUND.000 folder in Windows 10’s File Explorer and wonder what exactly the folder is for. That folder is generated after Check Disk file system scans (typically after improper system shutdowns) recover or repair corrupted files. Thus, FOUND.000 is a system folder that stores fragmented files recovered by Check Disk."

"Windows’ built-in chkdsk tool, short for “Check Disk”, creates this folder and file. Windows automatically runs Check Disk when it notices a problem with a file system. Those .CHK files are fragments of corrupted data—rather than deleting any corrupted data it finds, Check Disk puts it in a folder for you.

For example, this can occur when a computer suddenly loses power, or when you remove a USB drive from the computer while a file is being written to it. The process won’t finish and any files being written will only be partial, corrupted files. Check Disk will fix the file system and take that partial bit of a file, placing it in a FOUND folder."

To stop this from occuring you need to determine which of the above is causing it.
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