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Sync causing general system lag

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Sync causing general system lag

Post by chrwei »

I've got a fairly large sync that runs off a network share over a VPN. it can take a couple hours, and goes at about 1MiB/s, which is fine.

The issue is, it's causing lag in various programs. I pause the sync and the lag stops. resume and it lags again. This isn't even things that use disk or network, or are particularly intensive in anyway.

A common, easy to reproduce example:

Create a Visual Studio C# Winforms project. Open the new blank form. Start a Sync. Change the form's font size. Visual studio then lags for 5-10 seconds for something that normally takes under a second. Adding a new form takes over a minute!

CPU use low, ram use about 50%, disk use mostly 0% but peaks of 5% or less.

as a developer, I can't even imagine what's going on here. some reflection issue? win32 api use gone wrong? attaching to a system thread somewhere and waiting on UI invokes?

The sync isn't even to the same drive letter as my VS install or my project files.

Anyone else experience this or is there something odd on my system?
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