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Show Top Ribbon Permanently

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Show Top Ribbon Permanently

Post by lindnerlars »

Dear SyncBack Team, first thank you very much for this wonderful software. I use it all the time to backup my files.

I have a simple question and feel a little bit stupid, to ask it. However, I have already searched for an answer and could not find anything useful.

How can I simple keep the top ribbon bar permanently shown?
SynBackFree_TopRibbon.jpg (80.76 KiB) Viewed 3662 times

Thank you again and sending you best wishes,
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Re: Show Top Ribbon Permanently

Post by Swapna »


Sorry, the feature you requested is not supported.

Thank you.
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Re: Show Top Ribbon Permanently

Post by ajs »

If you go to the bottom toolbar/ribbon and right click and move that toolbar to the top this may achieve what you want.

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