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Am i too silly to setup Touch?

SyncBack Touch is a cross-platform (Windows, macOS, Linux and Android) file server for use with SyncBackPro and SyncBackSE. It is free to use with SyncBackPro/SE V10 or newer. For technical support visit
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Am i too silly to setup Touch?

Post by daandi »

I try to set up a backup from my Android Phone (Samsung Note8) to my notebook. I can not find my celelar at all, only my Notebook. When I want to backup my photos from my Note8 to the notebook I think that the celular should be the source and the notebook the destination. But I only can find the notebook with SyncBackPro running on it.

When I setup a new profile what is SyncBack Touch as Source? The notebook or the celular?
Connection to my Note8 works fine with backups, no connection problems.
I only can not find it in Touch, error msg is 'Failed to find SyncBack Touch device SM-N950F.'
Online Help with connection problems pops up
It states:
For SyncBackPro to connect to SyncBack Touch it needs two things:
1.The I.P. address, or hostname, of the remote computer SyncBack Touch is running on.
2.The TCP port number the remote SyncBack Touch is listening on. By default, it is port 8080.
OK, and where should I put these data in? No info about this little detail...

2BrightSparks ads claim that it is very easy to do all these connections and backups, but when I start to set it up I only get confused by all the things that do not work....

I am kind of lost!
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Re: Am i too silly to setup Touch?

Post by Swapna »


Can you send a support ticket to [email protected] with your profile configuration (select the profile > right click > choose Export Profile from the pop-up menu) for assistance.

Do not post (nor link to) profile on this open forum.

Thank you.
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