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backup to password protected SanDisk Ultra USB

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backup to password protected SanDisk Ultra USB

Post by LouisCL »

I want set SBSE to make each Monday a backup to a SanDisk Ultra USB Flash Drive, which is password protected by SecureAcces software.
I can't find an option in the profile setting to automaticly unlock the protected part of the drive, that stay connected to the USB port/ hub
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Re: backup to password protected SanDisk Ultra USB

Post by cliffhanger »

Hi, tthere's no such function (dedicated to SecureAccess), in the same way that there's no such function dedicated to (for example) unlocking a BitLocker-protected device. But you can do the latter using CLI calls, leveraging

Modify profile -> Expert -> Programs - Before / After

where the calls are to unlock (providing credentials) and re-lock at the obvious points in the run. ... 74&p=46722

Whether SecureAccess can be manipulated by CLI I have no idea (nor about any CLI syntax, switches, etc.) as I don't have any hardware which uses that software. You would need to consult its documentation, Google, etc.

  • the actual question in that linked thread is about the silent-redirection 64-bit Windows will perform for \system32\ calls made by/from 32-bit software (e.g. SB). This shouldn't happen with 32-bit Windows (so using ...\system32\... instead of ...\sysnative\... in the path should work anyway). Whether this syndrome will apply to you at all will depend on (a) your version of Windows & (b) the site(s) of the component(s) of SecureAccess you need to call (if SA supports CLI manipulation at all). If it stores (all) the component(s) you need to call in a bespoke folder (inside Program Files or similar, maybe) you shouldn't be affected by the redirection issue
  • Programs - Before / After are profile-only functions, and are not available in a Group. If you wish to run a Group of multiple profiles addressing the unlocked drive, you would either need to set each profile to unlock/re-lock in turn, or use two dummy profiles (one as first profile in group, the other as 'last'), where the dummy profiles take no action except host/invoke unlock and re-lock calls (instead of announcements as mentioned in the linked article - unless you would like those as well). Bear in mind that though the 'each profile' method seems inefficient, it would enable you to quickly run a single member profile individually if you wanted (because each profile contains its own unlock/re-lock calls), whereas the latter method is more efficient when running all profiles as a Group, but running a member profile individually would fail unless you ran the 'unlocker profile' first, and the 're-locker profile' afterwards
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