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SyncBackSE V7.6.36.0 (3rd October 2016) released

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SyncBackSE V7.6.36.0 (3rd October 2016) released

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SyncBackSE V7.6.36.0 (3rd October 2016) is now available for download: ... _Setup.exe
Digitally signed by 2BrightSparks Pte Ltd

Changes made in this version

New: -debugon and -debugoff command line parameters
Updated: If a directories attributes are set to be copied, and it is NTFS compressed, then destination folder will be NTFS compressed if created
Updated (SE/Pro): Improved stability with file transfers with SyncBack Touch on Android
Updated (SE/Pro): Default folder when using SyncBack Touch is now \sdcard\
Updated (SE/Pro): Provides progress to Touch on Android
Updated: The variables SYNCBACKFOLDER and SYNCBACKBACKUPFOLDER have different values if SyncBack run from an external drive
Updated: Uninstaller now gives option to keep profiles and settings
Fixed: In some cases the date and time of a file may be set incorrectly
Fixed: Detection of renames is now correctly disabled in some cases, e.g. when using compression
Fixed: Could wrongly delete shared settings that are being used
Fixed: Improved help integration so Ctrl-F now works when help file being displayed
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