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help me!!!!

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help me!!!!

Post by petertohen »

I want to backup my files by secure FTP. I want the filenames to be encrypted and password protected so that even if the server is hacked, or if the server upload/download traffic is intercepted, no private information can be accessed. So the questions are:

1. Can SB Pro change/encrypt filenames? For example the filename "salary information for employees.Xls" should become XrTyT5.fR4 (for example)

2. Can the contents of every file be encrypted with my chosen password, so the contents cannot be read? I know there is zip compression, but I need password protection.

In my opinion both of these two features are crucial for complete protection of privacy.
If the above two features are available, then:

3. Can you recommend a good Secure FTP host for about 100-200GB of data?
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Re: help me!!!!

Post by Gunny »

Yeah SBP 8.x can encrypt filenames in encrypted compressed archives now
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