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Edit Images Not Copy

SyncBackFree is the freeware version of SyncBack. It is *not* an evaluation version of SyncBackPro/SE.
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Edit Images Not Copy

Post by blucoyo »

I ran SyncBack to back up my images from LightRoom, no problem.Later on I renamed a few images and ran it again.
I must have misunderstood when setting up a profile because Sync made another copy of the same images with the new name,
so now I had two copies of the same images.Not a problem I just deleted one of them.How do I prevent this in the future,all I want is to
sync the edits.


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Re: Edit Images Not Copy

Post by cliffhanger »

Hi, assuming you want to update the backup copies of the images on the Destination (to reflect your edits to the corresponding 'originals' in the Source) and to dispense with the previous incarnations of those files (the unedited copies in the Destinations), two ways >>

1) don't edit the filenames when you edit the content; that way, on the next run, SB will compare the copies that correspond by name (because they still do - you haven't changed the names), detect the modifications (by comparing LastModified stamps, and possibly by any changes in Size) and will copy the updated Source files 'over the top' of the corresponding copies on Destination. That way you don't get old copies left behind.

2) if you prefer to edit the names when you change the content (perhaps so you can tell by filename/eye that certain files have been edited), change your profile Type to Mirror; this will re-copy the edited files (like you found already) but will also automatically delete the unchanged previous-copies on the Destination, because they no longer exist (under the old names) on the Source.

Modify profile > Easy mode > Type > 'Mirror all the files/folders to Destination'

Help > Quick Start > Understanding Backup and Synchronization

(and its sub-pages) describes how each profile Type works, and the differences between the Types. It also gives an introduction to the Intelligent Synchronization mode (available only in the Lite/SE/Pro versions), although you don't sound as though you need that right now unless you plan to directly edit the copies on the Destination device (maybe while plugged into a laptop) and then want to copy those edits to another PC (for example, a desktop) - or, vice versa.
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