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Feature Request: Skip file during backup process

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Feature Request: Skip file during backup process

Post by brauner »


Some times, during the backup process, while syncback is coping a big file to FTP, I wish to skip that file.

The only way to do this, is to stop the job, run it again, and ask to skip the file in the dif. windows.

It would be nice to allow skip a file during the backup process.

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Re: Feature Request: Skip file during backup process

Post by Swapna »


Sorry, it’s not possible to skip a large file during the copy stage. However, if you want SyncBack to skip/ignore large files based on their sizes, then you can do so by configuring the option "ignore files more than [X] Bytes in size" under:

Modify > Expert > Compare Options > File Size settings page

Then SyncBack will ignore files of size greater than X bytes and copy the remaining files to Destination. Please read the help file for more details. With Compare Options > File Size settings page opened, press F1 to open the contextual help.

Thank you.
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