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(Source) FTP > (Destination) Local Drive, Zipped

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(Source) FTP > (Destination) Local Drive, Zipped

Post by unarmedgold »


I'm evaluating SycBackPro, with the hopes of buying it. I'm trying to backup Linux server files via SFTP on a local drive in zip files. I can't seem to get it going.

When I run my profile, without compression, all files are found and backed up locally as expected.

When I turn on (expert) Compression > "Compress the files on FTP into a Zip file" no files are found. This setting sounds like it might be referring to FTP as a destination, which is not my scenario, but I can't find any other setting location where I would enable Zipping things on the destination.

Help greatly appreciated! I'm so close to buying this program :)
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Re: (Source) FTP > (Destination) Local Drive, Zipped

Post by Swapna »


In SyncBackPro, if you select a non-standard resource (FTP, Cloud, Compression, Encryption etc.,) on one side (Source) then you can only select standard resource (local drive or network path) on the other side this is by the internal design aspects.

You can refer to this KB article for more details: ... 3000336172

Therefore, if your Source is an FTP then you cannot have compression/encryption enabled on the opposite side (that means it is not possible to copy files from FTP and store them as compressed/encrypted on your local drive).

However, you can achieve this by creating 2 profiles:
1. Create a Profile to backup files from your FTP to a temporary folder on your local drive without enabling compression/encryption options.

2. Create a second Profile to backup files from temporary folder (created in step 1) to your backup location with compression and encryption enabled.

3. Create a Group and add the above two profiles as members to the group, so that when Group is run those 2 profiles runs in a sequence.

Thank you.
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