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Command Line Batch File

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Command Line Batch File

Post by Homer712 »

I have the following batch file which functions perfectly:
"C:\Program Files\2BrightSparks\SyncBackPro\SyncBackPro.exe" "Local Backups"

"Local Backups" is a group that has within it 10 individual backup tasks. Everything is functioning but there are times that the backup will take more than 15 minutes. All the while, the cmd window just stays open but shows no sort of progress. When the backup is complete the cmd window closes.

Wondering if anybody has come up with a way to run SyncBack Pro backups form the cmd window and also show a progress bar. Or, is there a way to modify the batch file to have it show (in the cmd window) whatever it is that's going on while the backup is running?
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Re: Command Line Batch File

Post by mmullins_98 »

Assuming you want to keep running the batch file then there is probably not a way to show the progress as it is running in unattended mode.

You can however just start SyncBackPro and run the group either by right clicking and select run or double clicking on the group. This will run in attended mode which will show you each task as they run in a progress bar. You then should be able to at least see which profile is causing the delay. There may be several reasons that could cause delays like; waiting on a file you are copying to close or a network delay if copying over a network and other factors.
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