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File & Folder Selection question

SyncBackFree is the freeware version of SyncBack. It is *not* an evaluation version of SyncBackPro/SE.
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File & Folder Selection question

Post by perkin-warbeck »

I use Adobe Lightroom every day. When I quit the program, Lightroom saves a backup copy of its "catalog" (a kind of database). These backup copies are saved in dated folders. So, for example, last night's backup is


while the one from the night before is


Here's the problem. I want my SyncBackFree profile to only mirror only the latest backup. However since the name of the folder containing the latest backup is not fixed, I either need to (a) edit the Files & Folders selection for the profile or (b) rename the most recent dated folder to a fixed name, (e.g., rename folder "2016-08-04" as "LATEST"

The first solution is not very appealing. The second solution leads to naming clashes within the Backups folder on Windows.

Is there a way to do this in SyncBackFree? If not, can a more advanced version of SyncBack do it?

I have been using SyncBackFree for only a week, but I am already very comfortable with it. It is easy to use and amazingly functional.
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Re: File & Folder Selection question

Post by Swapna »


Seems like there is a typo in your example:
So, for example, last night's backup is D:\Users\Perkin\Pictures\Lightroom\Backups\2016-08-04\Lightroom while the one from the night before is D:\Users\Perkin\Pictures\Lightroom\Backups\2016-09-03\Lightroom”
you have stated the Source folder name for the last night’s backup as “2016-08-04”, but the folder name from the night before was “2016-09-03”. Please clarify?

However, if your requirement is to backup files from a folder that has yesterdays date as the folder name, then you have to use a variable in your Source path. Sorry, but a number of variables are not available in SyncBackFree (please refer to the help file > Variables section for the list of unavailable variables).

If you want to use SyncBackSE/Pro then you can consider adding variable %DATE_P% in your Source path. When the profile is run %DATE_P% will be replaced with yesterdays date (which is in the short date format configured in your Windows) and SyncBackSE/Pro will backup files from that folder to your destination.

For example: You can add %DATE_P% variable in your Source path as D:\Users\Perkin\Pictures\Lightroom\Backups\%DATE_P%\. When the profile is run SyncBack will backup contents from “D:\Users\Perkin\Pictures\Lightroom\Backups\05-09-2016\” to your destination.

Please refer to the Help file > Using SyncBackSE/Pro > Technical References > Variables section for the list of variables supported in SE/Pro. With SyncBackSE/Pro opened, press F1 to open the contextual help.

If you want you can test with SyncBackSE/Pro, which we offer a free 30-day evaluation. You can download and install latest version of SyncBackSE/Pro from here:

If you do decide to purchase, the serial number will convert the 'trial' to the 'registered' version.

Thank you
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