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Stop current backup if x% files are going to be deleted

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Stop current backup if x% files are going to be deleted

Post by Cyantist »

Hello guys!

I'm looking to protect some servers against ransomware ^^ My aim is to find a way to stop a backup (on external ftp server) if for example more than 30% of the files are going to be deleted/modified. So i have the insurance that the backup is safe! =D>

One exemple:
1. Server gets infected by Ransomware, all files are crypted.
2. Syncback will launch the backup, scan FTP server and see that too much files have been modified.
3. Syncback stops the profile.

Do you know if it's possible?

Have a good day 8)
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Re: Stop current backup if x% files are going to be deleted

Post by cliffhanger »

Hi, there are options in the current V7 to abort a profile (or warn you, if run 'attended') if more than x% files would be deleted (there are 3 separate settings - 1 for 'both sides in total' and 2 for 'individually per side'). See

Modify profile > Expert mode > Copy/Delete > Warnings

V7 doesn't have any such trap for % of files that would be modified/overwritten/updated if it continued, but the forthcoming V8 does, as extra granular settings identical to those mentioned above, but based on proposed 'changes' rather than on proposed 'deletions'.

Note that these are all per-profile settings, so you can (therefore, 'you must') tailor any percentage triggers if/how you like, profile-by-profile. There are no 'all-profiles' settings.

V8 beta version is available - see separate section in forum home page.
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