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Column "Next Execution" shows incorrect time (V8.3.6.0)

SyncBackFree is the freeware version of SyncBack. It is *not* an evaluation version of SyncBackPro/SE.
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Column "Next Execution" shows incorrect time (V8.3.6.0)

Post by beltesassar »

Into the main window in column "Next Execution" (Dutch: "Volgende uitvoering") must be shown the next date and next time.

The next date is correct, but the next execution time is not shown. It seems that the last execution time is displayed. See figure:
SyncBackFree V8.3.6.0.jpg
SyncBackFree V8.3.6.0.jpg (213.98 KiB) Viewed 2304 times
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Re: Column "Next Execution" shows incorrect time (V8.3.6.0)

Post by cliffhanger »

Not sure if it is relevant, but two of of your profiles (#2 & #3) don't match the last run time either (and #3 doesn't even have a Status (result) value...not sure what's happening there)

It might help if you post screenshot/s of your actual settings (for an example profile - suggest #4 or #5) that show what time you have set...
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