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Clone MTP device

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Clone MTP device

Post by gialandra »

Hi, I want to clone a MTP device with SyncBackPro. What is the right-best setting to copy ALL DATA present in the MTP device?
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Re: Clone MTP device

Post by Swapna »


SyncBack supports backing-up files/folders created by the user or files that user has access to from your device. For example: user's photos, music, videos etc., It does not support backing-up system files, calendars, contacts or operating system files due to access restrictions. Also there isn't any real benefit trying to back up such files as they will not function as you expect, when you restore them.

To backup user files, you can either create an MTP profile in SyncBackPro V8 or use SyncBack Touch with SyncBackPro to backup files to/from your device.

SyncBack Touch Profile:

1. Install SyncBack Touch on your Android device and create a profile in SyncBackPro to backup files from the remote Touch device to local drive.

Each licensed copy of SyncBackPro comes with 2 free connections to 2 SyncBack Touch devices. You can refer to the below links for more details about SyncBack Touch and how to create and configure a Touch profile: ... 3000335613 ... ofile.html

MTP profile:

a. Create a New Profile via the Profile Creation Wizard and follow the on-screen prompts. You will need to select Media Transfer Protocol as Profile's Source and local drive as Destination in the 3rd screen and click on Next button.

b. You should be brought to the next page, which is the "Select Media Transfer protocol device" page, there you can select the device you want to connect and click on Done button.

c. Once the profile is created, you can configure the Destination path and Source sub-folder by clicking on the browse button next to "Media Transfer Protocol" under:

Modify > Simple settings page

When backing-up files using MTP you can't set the root folder (\) as the source, you have to select a specific folder from which you want to backup files as the source path.

d. Then run the profile to backup files from Source to the Destination.

Thank you
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