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How to avoid previous reading of many files

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How to avoid previous reading of many files

Post by cmcruz007 »

I want to configure a replica between source and destination that now are exact.
Source and destination are huge and contain many small files (1TB).
Daily 40-50 files will be added to source and they will have to be copied to destination.
What is the most efficient way to configure the job to avoid initial reading?

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Re: How to avoid previous reading of many files

Post by Swapna »


Sorry, its not possible to copy files without scanning and comparing files on Source & Destination locations.

Thank you.
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Re: How to avoid previous reading of many files

Post by reynolds_john »

You could consider turning on Fast Backup to reduce some overhead, but read the FAQ carefully.

If you're looking to not to comparisons over a network (for example), you may try something like DeltaCopy (basically rsync for Windows).

It's inexpensive, but you need to know what you're doing. It works on Windows versions higher than it states; I should know, we're using it to back up thousands of files from many different machines. It won't totally absolve you of doing file comparisons, but since it is a client/server approach, the speed and block transfer is very good.

A properly configured Robocopy job can blow through enormous numbers of files quickly, depending on your setup.

I've used Fast Backup with SyncBack for a number of years without any issues.
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