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File listing window missing

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File listing window missing

Post by gerard1090 »

since I have updated to Syncback SE V8, I no longer see the large window where you can see all the files that are copied or deleted in the source and destination. I dont really know the name of this window.
Maybe it is something that can be configured somewhere.
Could you please help me, in retrieving this "files listing window"
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Re: File listing window missing

Post by mmullins_98 »

I no longer have Version 8 but the following should be similar.

Select your profile that you are having the problem with and select MODIFY then COMPARE OPTIONS and then make sure the following option is unchecked.

-- Skip the Differences screen when this profile is run (it is never shown when unattended): Whenever you run a profile, it will compare the source and destination, and display the results in the Differences window. However, you can skip this window by enabling this option... The Differences window is always displayed when doing a Simulated Run, Simulated Restore, or Restore.

Also under the following condition the Differences screen will not be shown if the option is checked.

-- Do not show the Differences screen if it is empty (due to filter settings): If this option is enabled, and the filter settings on the Differences window are such that no files are displayed, then the Differences window will be automatically closed and the profile run will continue. The Differences window is always displayed when doing a Simulated Run, Simulated Restore, or Restore.

If this is not what you were referring to then try to provide a little more information.
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