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Getting started

SBMS is used to manage remote SyncBackPro installations. It is free to use with SyncBackPro V10 or newer. For technical support visit
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Getting started

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The SyncBack Management Service and Console can be downloaded here:

You can use it without any limitations for 30 days. After this time serial numbers must be purchased to continue using it.

What is it?

The purpose of the SBM Service is to manage and monitor remote installations of SyncBackPro V6 (it cannot be used with SyncBackSE or SyncBackPro V5). With it you can:

- Limit what users can do with SyncBackPro, e.g. stop users from creating their own profiles.

- Track which profiles are being run, their results and their run history.

- Remotely manage SyncBackPro profiles.

The SBM Console is for administrators to configure the SBM Service, e.g. adding users, checking the profiles results, etc.

Communication with the SBM Service is via HTTP so it can be used over the Internet or via a Local Area Network. All communication is encrypted and access is restricted by using usernames and passwords.

Who is it for?

The SBM Service is for people who have to manage and monitor multiple installations of SyncBackPro.

First Steps

We strongly recommend that you read the First Steps section of the SBM Console help file. It explains in detail how to install and configure it initially.


The SBM Service can only be used with SyncBackPro V6 or newer. SyncBackSE cannot be used. The SyncBackPro V6 help file has details on configuring your SyncBackPro installations so that they communicate with the SBM Service.